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Stone floor polishing and restoration No1Equal marble stone care My title page contents

Stone floor polishing and restoration

Stone floor polishing and restoration by highly skilled operators. We, at No1Equal, provide a high quality professional natural stone care service. Whatever the stone type, be it marble, travertine, granite, basalt stone, slate etc. we know how to handle it.

We are trained by Italian stone masters the best in the world for milleniums. Natural stone floors are expensive to install. Don’t let them be ruined by someone without the knowhow and experience needed to deliver high quality results.

We can remove:

  • lippage or upstanding tile edges
  • stains
  • rust
  • scratches
  • old grouting etc.

With the best quality equipment and tools we restore to a state of new any marble, granite, travertine or other natural stone surface.

Restoration work method

During restoration works by mechanical means we provide the gloss level you desire. This is done with diamond grit tools specially designed and suitable for the type of stone you have. Even old and worn stone floors, that now looked past their time, we can fully restore to a “new look”.

We will always choose the least invasive treatment to restore your floor to its original beauty.

Maintenance method

During maintenance works we prefer the use of polishing powder. The is the gentle way to repolish the shine. Polishing powder does not affect the nature of the stone as do crystallizing agents.

Where the client prefers crystallization of their precious stone floor, we use Klindex Kristal Green or other Kristal colours. With the Kristal Green crystallization is done with a natural hair pad instead of with the standard steel wool pads. The Klindex method eliminates the so called “orange peel” effect caused by the traditional crystallizing method, while delivering a very high quality and durable finish.


Stone floor polishing and restoration

Your stone floor polishing and restoration needs are in the best hands with No1Equal. Give us a call now or fill in the form at the end of this page. We will be happy to advice you.

The work we carry out is dust free. We use powerfull vacuum systems when working dry or we work wet to eliminate dust.