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Workshop garage polished concrete floors My title page contents

Workshop garage polished concrete floors

Workshop garage polished concrete floors


Workshop garage polished concrete floors eight reasons why you want one!

  1. enjoy a fully planed floor, smooth moving tool trolley’s around
  2. enjoy a clean looking floor, no more ugly staining
  3. enjoy a dust free working environment, no concrete dust whirling around anymore
  4. enjoy the fast cleaning of the floor, no more hard to remove dirt
  5. enjoy more light due to increased reflection of the polished surface
  6. Be proud of your workshop, it will look great always clean and tidy
  7. Be happy you chose the longest lasting floor finish available, lasts a life time
  8. Less cost – more profit over the life time of the floor

Notice the before and after pictures on the left, your floor can look like that too! Contact us now for a quotation! Use form below!

Workshop garage polished concrete floors, why it is the best choice for your garage or workshop!

The Polished concrete SuperConcrete system densifies and seals the surface of your concrete floor making it harder and far less porous. As a result even oil and grease will not be able to penetrate the surface quickly. This will give you time to clean up before the spills can cause a lasting mark. And in the event it does mark, it can also be easily removed again. Polished concrete hardens the surface making it more resistant to scratches etc. It is the easiest floor to clean, maintain and restore. It also has the lowest cost.

Polished concretes shining surface tells your clients that you care!

Have a good look at the pictures on this page! Which floor finish do you like? Why do you like it? Would it be because it is clean and good looking? Does it tell you that the owner cares?

If it makes you conclude this, how do you think it will affect your clients impression about you? Would they more likely prefer your workshop over the guy down the road with the old dirty looking floor? Yes they would!!!

“A service provider that cares about his work environment will look after my car too” your clients will likely conclude.

That conclusion will likely improve your reputation since the best advertising is the “word of mouth” advertising. It is also the cheapest advertising!

Give us a call now for a consultation and quotation. You will not be disappointed.

Fill in the contact form below and quickly be able to enjoy your Polished Concrete floor!

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