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residential polished concrete floors concrete surfaces My title page contents

Residential polished concrete floors concrete surfaces




Residential Polished concrete floors concrete surfaces




Residential polished concrete floors concrete surfaces, worktops, counters and more can all be designed to provide your home with unique and incomparable features that please the eye.


Best floor investment


Polished Concrete surfaces are arguably the best investment you could possibly make in your home. Why?


Polished concrete floors concrete surfaces have been densified and polished to as high a shine as you like and sealed against damage from that red wine spill or that orange juice. It is among the most scratch resistant surfaces available. Resistant even to major impact forces. It will be very easy to maintain and keep clean with minimal effort or cost.


Longest lasting floor finish


And yes it literally will last a life time or for as long as you want to enjoy it’s exquisite beauty.


Longest lasting investment


Combine the above arguments in favor of polished concrete with the more than reasonable initial cost price and you have an absolute winner. That is why it is called Super Floor, Super Concrete, Platinum concrete, Gold concrete, Hiper floor and so on.


Create the floor finish you love


Polished concrete floors concrete surfaces will offer you the choice to create your personal looking floor finish. You will look at your floor with the satisfaction you contributed to it final appearance. A floor designed and created for you and with you. Not a floor someone else persuaded you to like but what you like!


Residential polished concrete floors concrete surfaces


Choose the type of aggregate that pleases you:

any type of stone, marble, granite, river pebble or slate to name a few,

or crushed glass in varying colours,

glass pebbles in different colours,

nails, screws, nuts and bolts, coins, objects you fancy like hard disks, or other computer or high tech related parts. The sky is the limit here! Almost anything can be embedded.


Choose the colour or colours that make you happy:


acid stains and concrete dye can be used to create works of art or simple rustique looking concrete floors, wherever your imagination takes you. To stimulate your creative power have a look at


or this informative video page:


This site has a large picture database that will inspire you to design the concrete polished floor finish you love to live on.


Residential polished concrete floors concrete surfaces


The above description is not exhaustive, there are many more options available. We are happy to inform, please fill in the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.