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polished concrete floors commercial concrete polishing My title page contents

Polished concrete floors commercial concrete polishing

Polished concrete floors commercial concrete polishing

Polished concrete floors commercial concrete polishing the superior floor finish for all commercial applications. Polished concrete is the best floor finish for any shop, supermarket, butcher, hair salon, showroom, office, restaurant, coffee shop, gym, school, hardware store etc.

Polished concrete floors advantages

Polished concrete for commercial floors has the following advantages over other floor finishing products:

  • Unique personalised finishes not possible with stone or wood
  • Unlimited choice in design unequaled by other floor finishes
  • Unlimited color combinations unlike any other floor surface
  • Unlimited life time, concrete is exceptionally strong
  • Best cost per square meter over the life span of the floor
  • “Green” credentials, environmentally responsible
  • Easy to maintain and clean at lowest cost
  • Excellent “slip” resistance
  • Increased light reflection due to reflective surface
  • Lower electricity bills because of high reflective surface

Polished concrete floors commercial concrete polishing

This is the best choice you can make for your premises. It will add enormously to the appeal of your commercial enterprise.

With a polished concrete floor that still needs to be installed you are in control! Decide what aggregate you want in the concrete. What color you want the concrete to have. Internal dye or external coloring you can make the choice. Would you like a design or pattern in your floor? You can incorporate that too!

We are there to advice and guide you through the options you have to create that unique floor. A floor that will be the talk of the town. We provide a full consultancy service please contact us via the contact form below. To inform yourself about a polished concrete floor, from and unbiased and professional source, please use the link below:

The concrete network is a USA association that provides indepth knowledge and insight into the polished concrete industry. It provides also a wealth of video and photo images that will help you to visualize what you could design and create.

Contact us now for more information, please use the form below: