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Industrial polished concrete floors - concrete grinding
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Replace dark with light – Polish that dull concrete!

Industrial polished concrete floors. The most durable, economically prudent and environmentally responsible floor finish.

Industrial polished concrete floors advantages

Industrial polished concrete floors bring life to lifeless work places, improving the well being of workers. Which of course translates in improved job satisfaction and higher productivity.

The denser a surface the more light bounces back up, making the overall environment brighter. Polished concrete become dense to very dense depending at what polishing stage one stops. This is mostly a mechanical polishing of the surface with ever finer diamond grit tools, This aided by the application of a concrete hardener or densifier.

Densifiers react with lime in the concrete causing the lime to expand and fill up pores. Which, in turn, makes the concrete surface dense which also increases its resistance to abrasion. And that in turn eliminates “concrete dusting”.

The absence of dust in turn improves the health and safety of the work environment. This also improves the environment in sensitive production areas, such as food and electronics manufacturing.

Industrial polished concrete floors, what more benefits do they have?

It ends the endless cycle of coat – remove – recoat! Saving vast amounts of money and reducing harmful waste from plastics and epoxies. No more factory down times because a coating needs replacing. No more seeing a coating deteriorate over it life time. And having to deal with multiple call outs for repairs.

Polished concrete is as close as you can get to a floor finish that lasts the life time of the factory. Once the hard work is done it is done! Once and for all!

Concrete floors that have been polished are very easy to keep clean and maintain.  And also resistant to damage. Concrete repairs can be carried out quickly, with minimum disruption and without lasting deterioration to the appearance of the floor.

Polished concrete floors also have a reduced amount of static discharges making it suitable for areas where sensitive technologies are fabricated.

Polished concrete does not blister or peel off. The polished finish is part of the concrete not a topping that will fail at some time in the future.

It is a environmentally responsible  flooring solution, it does not produce harmful waste nor does it depend on noxious and harmful chemicals. And the waste it does produce, mostly at the grinding stage, is fully recyclable or can safely be disposed of.

Improves aesthetic appearance and hygiene

On a polished concrete surface, forklifts and other vehicles will no longer leave the dreaded black rubber marks. A considerable appearance and hygiene benefit. Also lowering the cost of cleaning and maintenance.

Where is polished concrete not suitable as a floor finish?

In environments where the concrete floor is frequently exposed to strong etching like chemicals, such as acids for example. Although such chemicals do not destroy the floor they do have the ability to seriously affect the appearance of the floor. In areas where there is a continuous presence of water on the floor then it may be advisable to choose for a different floor finish.

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