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Floor preparation coating paint removal My title page contents
Scanmaskin WS28RC grinder plus Scandust 8000 vacuum

When something has gone wrong during concrete casting who do you call?

No1Equal!! We have the know-how, experience and the equipment to solve most problems quickly!

Floor preparation floor levelling floor coating removal paint removal

Floor preparation floor levelling floor coating removal paint-removal and similar hard to do work, who wants to do it? At No1Equal we have the expertise, the equipment and tools to carry out such services without making a mess. With our powerful Scanmaskin grinding machines, dust control equipment and special tools for every type of coating, we can quickly remove almost any type of obstacle to finishing a floor.

What floor preparation services can we deliver?

We Prepare concrete floors by grinding or other means for follow on services. We can resolve things like in the picture at the top of the page. We can remove rain damage, humps or other imperfections in concrete.

We can remove:

paint even thin layers of paint


glue and adhesives of any kind

thick rubber like coatings

varnishes also on wood

epoxy coatings

acrylic coatings

screed residue


black tar adhesive

floor levelling compounds

we level even very uneven concrete surfaces from very abrasive to very hard concrete and more.

What are the benefits to you the floor finish installer?

quick, dust free removal of old floor residues

less aggravation and no loss of time

on time delivery of your project

reasonable cost price potentially increased profit

a happy customer

you are happy in doing what you are good at, rather than doing what you dislike!

Floor preparation floor levelling floor coating removal paint removal 


Where do we operate?


We provide our services, in principle in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Uk and parts of EU.

We are fully insured and compliant with health and safety regulations.

Why not contact us now?