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      Concria Fast Floor polished concrete

       Power float Fast Floor polished concrete advantages:

      Saves money

      eco friendly solution

      minimum interruption

      accelerated hand over time

      longest lasting floor finish

      lower life time cost

      no install-remove-reinstall cycles

      less down times

      easier to repair

      easier to maintain

      easier to clean

      eliminates the concrete dusting

      always looking it’s best

      increased light reflectivity

      happy CFO, share holders and staff.



      Fast Floor polished concrete power float system, what you should know!


      FAST FLOOR polished concrete power float system for creating long lasting  good looking concrete floors with the shortest installation time.

      Polished concrete the 21st century way!  By combining the power and speed of Ride-on power float machines with the Fast Floor polishing discs Concria revolutionised the concrete polishing world.

      Even very large industrial floors can now be finished in a fraction of the time needed by traditional polishing methods. Making Power Float based polishing systems the most economical solution for nearly every concrete floor, new or old.

      Factories, sensitive production areas, warehouses, logistics centers, hospitals, schools, shops and shopping centers, car parking garages and much more can be successfully finished with power float concrete polishing systems.

      Our dedicated well trained No1Equal teams can complete a 7 step polish cycle plus densifier and sealer applications on over a thousand square meters of high gloss concrete floor in a single day. And even faster when less gloss is required.

      The fact is the Fast Floor finish is high quality, long lasting and the most economical on the market!

      It saves you time, hassle and money, not only at first installation but during the whole life time of the floor.

      World wide millions of square meters in all industries and environments have been finished with polish concrete!

      Who has opted for the Fast Floor polished concrete system?

      Amazon – Bauhaus – BRP – K-Rauta – Proctor and Gamble – Coca-Cola – OBI –

      GazProm – Leroy-Merlin – LG – Metro – Walmart – Carrefour – Mercedes –

      Volkswagen – Drive – IKEA – BIMBO –

      and many others in more than 40 countries on five continents.

      You will be in the best of company with the Fast Floor System don’t delay contact us now for further information and free consultation.


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