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      Polished concrete -concrete floor – concrete polishing

      We polish all concrete surfaces such as:

      floors – worktops – patios – concrete paths 

       in all environments

      inside and outside – new and old floors

      domestic any industryeducational – commercial retailwarehouses 

      Polished concrete by No1Equal

      Polished Concrete floors

      Polished Concrete Fast Floor floor finishes by no1equal for Exceptional durability and quality the best option in almost all environments from a few hundred square meters to over hundreds of thousands of square meters.

      No1Equal Concrete Floor Grinding & Polishing and Floor Preparation Services

      Polished concrete -Fast floor – Floor finishing by no1equal

      Polished concrete Fast Floor Finishing by No1Equal will put an end to the endless cycle of coat- remove – re-coat!

      Concria Fast-Floor facts:

      Shortest delivery time

      Longest lifetime

      Lowest initial cost

      Lowest life time cost

      Eliminates “shut downs” for repair, remove and re-finish cycles.

      Eliminates gradual deterioration of esthetics of the surface common with epoxies and PU based coatings.

      FastFloor the Concria solution to large scale polished concrete projects

      Concria of Finland is the early pioneer of  power trowel concrete polishing with their patented Concria Fast System.

      The Concria Fast System has polished tens of millions of square feet all over the world.

      With names like Leroy Merlin, Proctor and Gamble, Walmart, Gazprom, Porcelanosa, DHL to name a few well known companies that chose Concria Fast Power Trowel Systems as the best solution.

      How long can polished concrete last?

      A polished concrete floor is among the hardest and longest lasting surface finishes in existence.

      The Fast-Floor system is based on the mechanical polishing of concrete with diamond grit polishing tools.

      Mechanical polishing is the Key phrase that differentiates the Fast-Floor system from other chemical based “polishing” systems.

      Fast-Floor becomes part of the substrate by transforming the concrete surface into a very dense and hard surface.

      That superior surface is the canvas for creating from matte to very high gloss finishes.

      Other benefits from Fast-Floor

      In the process it reduces static electricity discharges. And it gives safe PTV slip resistance levels.

      It eliminates “dusting” due to it’s high abrasive resistance score.

      Excellent light reflectivity creating a healthier work environment and saving on electricity cost.


      What is the Concria Fast-Floor system?

      Please view the video above and find out how Fast-Floor is not only FAST but also the most durable and economical flooring solution!

      Especially for large industrial facilities of all kinds.

      Why can we say that the polished concrete Fast-Floor system has the lowest cost?

      Concrete, old and new, can be transformed by grinding and polishing to create a very high-quality floor finish that will last for decades with the proper maintenance and cleaning routine.

      In comparison to epoxy, PU or other coatings the Fast-Floor Systems initial cost can be up to 80 percent lower!

      Fast-Floor outlasts all other finishes, eliminating costly renovation processess after 3 to 5 years!

      Once it is done it is done.

      Polished concrete never needs removing and be done again unless you choose to do so.

      Easy to maintain and clean. Maintenance can be done as part of the floor cleaning routine without needing high-cost chemicals.



      Is protecting the environment important to you?

      Polished concrete is the environmentally most responsible choice!

      Polished concrete has excellent environmental credentials, no noxious waste generated during the initial process or during maintenance work.

      And since polished concrete is not a coating, it never creates replacement waste either. Plus, since it is a mechanical process its success is not dependent on environmentally harmful chemicals.

      Your children and grandchildren will be grateful for you choosing Polished concrete for your projects.

      Just compare that to the mountains of oil derived microplastics generated by most coatings.

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      Polished concrete | concrete polishing

      SuperConcrete with exposed aggregate is the ultimate choice for polished concrete by No1Equal.  It involves the most grinding stages in order to expose the aggregate in its full glory. And the most polishing stages to create that stunning Wet Look.



      Polished concrete | concrete floor | concrete polishing | no1equal
      Sandy Look polished concrete finish

      The Modern Look polished concrete creates a satin or matte finish. 

      It’s matte to satin finish requires fewer polishing cycles. Therefore it is a more affordable choice. This finish can be created also without the exposure of the aggregate. 

      The options are almost limitless. When completed with the Fast-Grind polishing system this is the fastest, most economical way of finishing concrete floors. Especially on large to very large floors Fast-Grind delivers high quality finishes in record turnaround time.

      Polished concrete | concrete floor | concrete polishing | no1equal

      The Salt and Pepper look polished concrete finish exposes the top of the aggregate. This resembles the different colours of the sand grains on a beach.

      To create this floor look a little grinding is done until the grains are visible.

      Polishing is done with a less intensive system compared to the SuperConcrete.

      This makes this option more affordable without compromising the quality of a polished concrete surface.

      Concria Fast Power Trowel polished concrete system

      FastFloor by Concria

      The concrete polishing system par excellence for creating the “Wet Look” finish on concrete surfaces.

      This option creates floors that are:

      • planed to a very flat and dense surface reducing vibrations to a minimum
      • very fast to implement with very short turnaround time
      • very resistant to marking, scratching and staining
      • a high tech surface for electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical and food processing
      • no static discharges
      • dust free surface
      • super hygienic surface no where to hide for bacteria, fungus etcetera
      • can be coloured with different concrete dyes.
      • can be sealed to protect against the most aggresive chemicals, making it stain and water resistant.

      FastFloor is mostly applied on well power floated industrial, commercial and domestic concrete floors.





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