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Polished concrete -concrete floor – concrete polishing

We polish all concrete surfaces such as:

floors – worktops – patios 

 in all environments

inside and outside

domestic any industryeducational – commercial retailwarehouses 

Polished concrete by No1Equal

Polished Concrete

SuperConcrete floor finishes for Exceptional quality in all enivironments

Polished concrete | concrete floor | concrete polishing | no1equal

Polished concrete by No1Equal the Superior concrete floor choice that will make you shine.

Concrete polishing turns a grey stained slab of concrete into a Superconcrete floor. Clean and attractive appearance of all floors from matte to the “wet look” finish.

A polished concrete floor is among the hardest and longest lasting surface finishes you can wish for.

Any good concrete floor can be transformed. From unattractive and dusty, to a hard wearing glossy surface. With or without added colour(s). Including a logo or other design that best represents the final look you want to achieve. Polished concrete is a true decorative option.

How is a polished concrete finish created? Please look at the video. It will help you visualise the concrete polishing process.

How is a polished concrete finish created? Please look at the above video. It will help you visualise and better understand the process used to create the Superconcrete floor.

Description of the different polished concrete finish options

  1. SuperConcrete Terrazzo look
  2. Superconcrete Modern or HS look
  3. SuperConcrete Sandy or Fast look
  4. SuperConcrete Premium

See below for more details.

Polished concrete | concrete floor | concrete polishing | no1equal

SuperConcrete Terrazzo look is the ultimate choice for polished concrete by No1Equal.  It involves the most grinding stages in order to expose the aggregate in its full glory. And the most polishing stages to create that stunning Wet Look.

SuperConcrete terrazzo look the concrete floor finish producing awesome and unique polished concrete floor surfaces. When executed professionally,with innovation and know how, polished concrete is a stunning floor finish.

It also delivers the highest quality floor finish that lasts the longest. It is the most effective against staining. And marking even by heavy traffic like forklifts or trucks. Eliminates dust generated by abrasive forces on the concrete floor.

The SuperConcrete Terrazzo look finish suits all environments from domestic to the most demanding industries!

Polished concrete | concrete floor | concrete polishing | no1equal
The Modern Look polished concrete matte finish. This needs the same amount of grinding as with the Rocky Wet Look. It delivers the same high quality polished concrete finish.

It’s matte to satin finish requires fewer polishing cycles. Therefore it is a more affordable choice. This finish can be created also without the full exposure of the aggregate. 

The options are almost limitless. When completed with the Fast-Grind polishing system this is the fastest, most economical way of finishing concrete floors. Especially on large to very large floors Fast-Grind delivers high quality finishes in record turnaround time.

Polished concrete | concrete floor | concrete polishing | no1equal

The Salt and Pepper look polished concrete finish exposes the top of the aggregate. This resembles the different colours of the sand grains on a beach.

To create this floor look a little grinding is done until the grains are visible.

Polishing is done with a less intensive system compared to the Terrazzo Wet Look.

This makes this option more affordable without compromising the quality of a polished concrete surface.

Superconcrete® PREMIUM

The concrete polishing system par excellence for creating the “Wet Look” finish on concrete surfaces.

This option creates floors that are:

  • planed to a very flat and dense surface reducing vibrations to a minimum
  • very fast to implement with very short turnaround time
  • very resistant to marking, scratching and staining
  • a high tech surface for electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical and food processing
  • no static discharges
  • dust free surface
  • super hygienic surface no where to hide for bacteria, fungus etcetera
  • can be coloured with different concrete dyes.

SuperConcrete Premium is mostly applied well power floated industrial, commercial and domestic concrete floors.

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